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It wasn’t a good senior night for Miles Plumlee.

Both he and his father could be seen on the verge of tears as he exited the game with little time left on the clock.  It’s interesting that they were so emotional, considering they had most of the game to prepare for the unfortunate end of Miles’ NCAA regular season career.

By halftime, the Blue Devils were already down by 24 points, the score 48-24, and it did not look like things were going to turn around for them.  They couldn’t shoot, they couldn’t get their boards and their defense looked weak at best.

To make matters worse for Coach K’s army, UNC just looked good.

Kendall Marshall, who ended the game as UNC’s scoring leader, fed the ball to Tyler Zeller throughout the first half.  Zeller would end the game one point behind Marshall for a total of 39 combined points.

After the half Duke began to play a little better.  They made fourteen of their first eighteen shots, but were still down by more than twenty points.

If you hadn’t already, this was probably about the time that you turned the game off to catch the second half of “My Cousin Vinny” on cable.

The Blue Devils continued to try to fight back but made little headway.  Though Duke’s offensive effort improved in the second half, UNC’s offense was playing just as well as they were in the first.  By about half way through the second half, both Miles and Mason Plumlee had four fouls each, forcing Coach K to limit their time on the floor.

In the end, Duke’s efforts just weren’t enough to overcome the massive deficit they put themselves in at the beginning of the game, and UNC won 88-70, securing the #1 spot in the ACC.