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Dear Commissioner Goodell and NFL owners,

On Sunday, Darius Heyward-Bey was knocked unconscious in the end zone by Ryan Mundy of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Though there have been hundreds of errors made by the replacement officials, the absence of a flag on this play was by far the most important, as it highlights the clear and present danger faced by the players in the absence of the best football officials in the world. At the beginning of the season, fans, players and coaches were told that the replacement officials may miss some holding calls or false starts, but that the expense of these calls would pay for close attention to safety related rules, especially rules designed to protect players against brain injury.



In this photo: OL Matt Kalil running his stunning 4.49sec 40 yard dash

Day four of the NFL Scouting Combine is complete.  Here are your five fastest 40 yard dash times for tight ends and offensive linemen so far.

Tight Ends:

James Hanna (Oklahoma): 4.49

Ladarius Gree (Louisiana-Lafayette): 4.53

Evan Rodriguez (Temple): 4.58

Michael Egnew (Missouri): 4.62

Drake Dunsmore (Northwestern): 4.64

Offensive Linemen:

Donald Stephenson (Oklahoma): 4.94

Matt Kalil (USC): 4.99

Adam Gettis (Iowa): 5.00

Desmond Wynn (Rutgers): 5.05

Tom Compton (South Dakota): 5.11

See all of the day’s results at ESPN:

In an interview on the Norris & Davis show this morning on Baltimore sports radio station 105.7 The Fan, Ravens president Dick Cass revealed some very interesting information about the new NFL collective bargaining agreement.

The first detail of interest is that true, full team practices will not be possible for any team until August 4th, due to picayune details regarding rookies and restricted free agents.  The much more interesting information revealed in the interview, however, has to do with the new minimum salary cap restrictions.