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This has nothing to do with sports, but apparently nobody out there has figured out how to do this for free.


In order to set an alarm and have it sound with only a vibrate, here is what you have to do:



Dear Commissioner Goodell and NFL owners,

On Sunday, Darius Heyward-Bey was knocked unconscious in the end zone by Ryan Mundy of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Though there have been hundreds of errors made by the replacement officials, the absence of a flag on this play was by far the most important, as it highlights the clear and present danger faced by the players in the absence of the best football officials in the world. At the beginning of the season, fans, players and coaches were told that the replacement officials may miss some holding calls or false starts, but that the expense of these calls would pay for close attention to safety related rules, especially rules designed to protect players against brain injury.


I have added a link to the Norris & Davis show interview in the previous post, but decided to also create a new post for anyone who read the other and was waiting for a link.  An audio recording of the entire interview can be found here.  The part concerning the salary cap and the 89% rule starts at 7:22, but I encourage everyone to listen to the whole thing, especially Ravens fans.  I apologize for posting before I linked my reference, but I wanted to get the information out as soon as possible.  I am still searching for a PDF of the entire new CBA.  If you know where to find it, please email the link and your name to  I will credit you for the find on the site.  Thanks everyone for reading!  Please don’t hesitate to like my posts on facebook and follow @CSS_Sports on twitter!

As I sit here at my keyboard, harrowed and hirsute, I am happy. This labor of love, Clark Station Sports (CSS), the relaunch of the narrowly successful and personally disappointing Big Brad’s Blog, has finally become a reality. There is still work to be done, and the site will never be a completely finished project, but I am very excited that it finally has a face and a place. One of the major pitfalls of the old site (other than the atrocious name), was a lack of updates. I am making a personal commitment to update this site at least once weekly, no matter how short or long the post may be. Also, thanks to the advanced functionality and user friendliness of the WordPress template, I will be incorporating polls, social media and more multimedia elements into this project. I have also set up an email dedicated to the blog,, as well as a twitter feed, @CSS_Sports (please follow!). It is my hope that these new elements, combined with a new sense of ownership and dedication to the Clark Station Sports brand will help me bring my readers content that is more diverse, voluminous and desirable to their interests. If anyone has any suggestions, and I mean ANY, from page layout to font size to story ideas that you would like to see featured, please do not hesitate to email me at or to tweet to @CSS_Sports. Thank you to everyone reading, I hope you enjoy Clark Station Sports!